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Andres Chait - 3D Designer

Andres Chait is a digital modeler and designer of 12 years experience with an extensive litigation background. He has particular expertise in 3D modeling and rendering, lightning and commercial matters with an interest in customer needs and production quality. He is a recognized digital designer in architectural environments, interior development and engineering sectors.

Andres is Structure Modeler qualified and nationally accredited designer. He is also a qualified Graphic Consultant. He is well known in the 3D market industry and has been active in alternative rendering resolution throughout his career.

He is a dynamic and experienced trainer who has a hands-on approach to developing and delivering new and innovative tools to the 3D Design world.


3D Tool innovation

Chait is the legitimate creator of one of 2011's newest tools for 3D Studio Max and Maya. Chato's Render lets old and new 3D designers to get perfect lightning results without so much setting up or fighting with the GI levels.

With help of the last VRay plug-in, Andres developed a different comfort at connecting the user to his needs and letting him find better results and choices on the totality of his projects and goals.

Any purchase of it can be effectuated through Autodesk © main webpage or through any 3D Design Market as well.

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