Being born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1987,
I could never assume that my life choices and circumstances I had no control over, would lead me to become what I am now. However, every single offer and opportunity helped me to make the right decisions during my career and join the few lucky people who can proudly say they have found their vocation.
As a child, I took up guitar and piano lessons. It soon became obvious that my musical hearing and abilities were a true gift. Unlike many children who continue musical lessons following their parentsí request, I found genuine pleasure in classes, and often stayed practicing at home much more than the time requested by my teachers. By that time I also started singing and participating in various concerts and shows.
While a teenager, my family moved to Israel, where I found a much broader scope of opportunities to make my future a better success over the music field. In spite of any doubts about which particular path I wanted to pursue, I always firmly believed that doing what I love, my future career has to be related to music. For several years took vocal lessons with experienced teachers for classic opera techniques while developing a wide interest for wind instruments, and thus took up practicing the saxophone. On a number of occasions I was invited to take part in various concerts and shows, including at a municipal and national level.
At some point I felt that I didnít have enough space for personal development, and as part of my path during that time I was offered a job as a teacher in a Municipal Conservatory. Looking back now, I believe that it was a definite turning point, and it all went uphill since then. I started giving one-on-one lessons for wind instruments and after a short period of training took up conducting a local youth band orchestra.
This task was challenging at the beginning, but exceptionally rewarding, so I dedicated a considerable share of my time to working with orchestras of all kind.
During my work as a conductor with my first youth band, I occasionally faced the problem that the scores available at the conservatory did not feature all the instruments I needed, or their quality left much to be desired. As a consequence, I studied orchestration in different levels, softwares for making my own arrangements and discovered an enormous joy on this area as much as conducting. Since then, I have created numerous scores for all sorts of orchestras and bands. Word-of-mouth advertising did its job, and a significant number of clients, including orchestra conductors and pop musicians, turned to me for scores and arrangements following friendly recommendations or as a result of my participation in concerts and shows.
Up to date, I collaborate with several musical bands and orchestras on a permanent basis, doing a variety of occasional jobs of conducting and scores production. Apart from all that content, I still participate in concerts singing or playing the piano, guitar or saxophone. Neither have I given up giving lessons, as I find on it the best way to stay in shape and convey my love for music to my students.
I am thankful for every single opportunity that I was presented so far during my career, and I am convinced that the road ahead has more pleasant surprises in store for me, as always willing to discover new challenges in music, engage in exciting projects and broaden my horizons.
Andres Chait